East Africa Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EAVCA) is the umbrella organisation that represents private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) funds in East Africa. Established by seven founding fund managers with operations in East Africa, the association has grown over the last five years to current membership of 65 companies, representing DFIs, PE and VC fund managers, asset managers, and advisory firms.

Our Mandate

At the core of what we do is promoting East Africa as a private capital destination, while ensuring a favorable environment for trade for the private capital sector. Our advantage is in being able to provide local access to our members, which is critical to their East Africa strategy.

East Africa Map
Why East Africa?

Population of approximately 230 million

Fastest growing countries in Africa located in the region

Easy movement of people and goods

High mobile penetration

How we work


EAVCA is the collective voice of the private capital industry with the public stakeholders, championing the cause of the sector with governments in East Africa, regulators, other industry associations and the capital markets operators- who include pension funds, asset managers, and fund administrators.

Some of the areas we have addressed as EAVCA in the region in the past are:

  • Mergers and Competition rules
  • Pension fund allocation to private equity
  • Taxation, incentives and exemptions

EAVCA aims to be the first point of knowledge for investors looking at East Africa as a destination for capital, providing market intelligence to the trends and opportunities that affect investing in the region.

We acknowledge that data and information access remains a barrier to accessing most of Africa's markets and by providing the first point of knowledge, EAVCA hopes to bridge the information gap, allowing investors to have a preface to the region that further guides their strategy of investment.


EAVCA has taken up the role of nurturing local capacity in the appreciation of PE and VC.

Our training mandate involves capacity building of the professionals in the industry, by organising trainings relevant to private capital investment. We ensure our trainings are led by local experts who can share their local case studies for relevant and relatable sessions.

EAVCA also engages in the capacity building of external stakeholders including pension funds and enterprise, to ensure they have an understanding of how PE works.



EAVCA is a convening platform that promotes private equity and venture capital interests in East Africa.

Our role as a network facilitator allows us to create opportunities for our members to interact with governments, regulators and other stakeholders, to form synergies that are mutually beneficial.

EAVCA events further allow us to grow awareness of our sector with other stakeholders, along with the contribution of private capital in positioning East Africa as an investment hub for Africa.